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Pro X 6 H - High Performance Compact PA Loudspeaker
General Description

The professional sound reinforcement loudspeaker Pro X 6 offers absolutely uncolored sound and very precise sonic dispersion patterns. At the same time, the physical appearance of the speaker is as unobstrusive as possible, and extremely compact.
The multifunctional housing and the rotatable 90° x 60° horn together offer new opportunities to solve even the acustically most challenging sound reinforcement problems. The sides of the cabinet are angled in such a way that it can be mounted as a cluster at any angle from 120° to 360°, or using it as a floor monitor.

To handle the low frequency range, a 61/2" LF driver was developed specifically for this cabinet. This woofer has an extremely long, linear stroke which enables it to reproduce even very low frequencies at high sound pressure levels with minimum distortion. The high frequency driver was developed, as 1" tweeter which significantly extends the usable range both upward and downward. This range is starting at 1.6 kHz, and is projected precisely by the horn at angles of 90° and 60°. A ring-shaped diaphragm produces a wealth of sonic detail with extremely low distortion even at high levels.

In an extensive series of tests using advanced computer simulation and measurement techniques, we have developed a constant directivity horn possessing no diffractive edges and yielding a dispersion of precisely 90° by 60° above 1.5 kHz. The highly refined horn geometry plays an essential role in reproducing superbly balanced music and intelligible speech. The cabinet of the Pro X 6 is constructed of 8-ply birch plywood and is coated with a scratch-resistant, dark grey or white paint. Each cabinet has a great variety of mounting adapters.

The Pro X 6 is available in a low impedance version N (16 Ohms), which permits the connection of up to 4 units to a 4 Ohms amplifier and a 100 V version H, featuring a high quality transformer with a full/half power switch. When lower frequencies are needed, the Pro X Sub S subwoofer together with the Pro X 6 form a high quality, very compact PA system. This can be driven passively with a crossover network built into the subwoofer itself. One can opt for active operation by using one of our's high performance power amplifiers with optional controller modules. These system specific modular cards can handle functions of limiter, system equalization and active crossover.


 6.5"/1" high performance compact loudspeaker
 Extremely flat frequency response from 85 Hz up to 24 kHz (without any controller!)
 Exeptional low-distortion, neutral sound reproduction
 High max. sound pressure level (122 dB SPL at 1 m)
 Automatic reset high frequency driver protection circuit

Wide Range of Applications
 Use for theatre acoustic irradiation, fixed installations and conference rooms
 For voice and music reproduction
 As floor monitor
 As delay line
 Front and Sidefill
 Can be upgraded with the Pro X Sub S subwoofer
 Parallel use of up to 8 speakers with a standard 4 Ohm power amplifier
 Wide range of additional electronic equipment available:
 Universal digital controller Pro C 24
 FIR digital controller Pro C 28
 Power amplifier Pro A 2000

Optimal Directivity
 Precise directivity with diffraction-free horn
 Optimum dispersion angle (90° x 60°) for short-throw applications
 Perfect acoustical dispersion also at cluster use
 Dispersion in cluster from 120° to 360°

High End Technology Speaker Chassis´
 6.5" woofer with a rugged aluminium die-cast basket
 Vented voice coil to reduce power compression
 Extraordinarily low-distortion bass reproduction through long linear voicecoil excursion
 Coated surface diaphragm: 
 reducing distortion
 high degree of self damping

1"- Ring Radiator Driver
 Deeper lower critical frequency
 Higher upper critical frequency without any partials
 Higher maximum sound pressure level and higher continuous maximum power capacity
 Minimum distortion
 Small weight

Intelligent Enclosure Design
 Ultra compact, multifunctional enclosure
 Various flying possibilities
 Generously dimensioned bass reflex ports for minimum air movement noise
 Dent-proof grille with acoustic foam inside
 Wide range assembly accessories
 Other colors on request

Delivery Includes
 1x Pro X 6 H
 1x Operation manual
 Pro X 6 H Front View

     Pro X 6 H Cluster

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