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RW 120 H - PA Loudspeaker
Discontinued, Production from 1993 until 2005
General Description

With unaltered acoustical characteristics the RW 120 offers a very high audio quality and additionally, an all-season weatherproof cabinet. It is a true high quality loudspeaker system designed for permanent outdoor Installation.

The grey fibreglass reinforced cabinet is unaffected by rain, frost or sunlight. Special drivers with humidity proof diaphragrams assure operational safety even under worst weather conditions. The speakon connectors are located on the lower side of the cabinet. Condensation humidity can escape through holes. Installation facilities are numerous. On the top side, Provision has been made for attachment of a fastening ring. A second fixture can be attached on the rear panel to allow for inclined mounting or safety strapping. A 35mm adaptor bushing on the bottom permits the Speaker to be stacked on a tripod or on the LH 120 wall mount adaptor.

The RW 120 is offered as RW 120 N for low impedance amplifiers and as RW 120 H with built-in transformer for 100 V PA-Systems. The latter is not only interesting because of its acoustical qualities but also for upgrading existing 100 V Systems. The type must be specified upon ordering.

 K+H RW 120 Front View


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