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RX 180 H - PA Loudspeaker
Discontinued, Production from 1997 until 2005
General Description

This 2-way loudspeaker offers excellent speech and music sonorisation quality at reasonable cost. The 100 V transformer was especially designed in a wide ränge technologie to achieve a perfect audio quality even for low frequencies.This results in a sound reproduction which is convincing even at maximum volume. The crossover electronic circuits are designed according to Hi-Fi Standards using precision components to guarantee high efficiency and superior audio performance at very high pressure levels.

The top and rear sides of the cabinet have three M 8 threaded bushings.This permits various mounting possibilities using the optional attachments. To facilitate cluster installations a mounting bracket is available as an Option. A 35 mm bushing on the bottom permits the RX 180 to be stacked on a tripod for mobile applications. The charcoal grey flocked finish makes it good looking and provides excellent protection against scratches and wear arising in both mobile and stationary use. The RX 180 H is therefore not only interesting because of its audio qualities but also for upgrading existing 100 V Systems in distinguished areas.The built-in 100 V transformer is available as Option and is equipped with a 1/1, 2/3 and 1/3 power switch.

Delivery Includes
 1x RX 180 H
 1x Operation manual
 K+H RX 180 H Front View

     K+H RX 180 H Rear View and Connecting Plate

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