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O 110 D - Active Studio Monitor with digital inputs
Discontinued, Production from 2002 until 2011
General Description
Active studio monitor for digital audio processing. The O 110 D meets all the requirements of the digital age. Offering digital inputs in AES/EBU and S/P-DIF format, it eliminates the need for external D/A converters at audio workstations or mixing consoles. The integrated D/A converter has a 24 Bit resolution and accepts sampling rates from 32 to 96 kHz. Its analog input is electronically balanced, while the AES/EBU input features a high-quality transformer. This professional near-field monitor is the perfect solution for small digital studios, offering unbeatable neutral reproduction and accuracy across the entire sound spectrum, and a precision of bass reproduction up to 56 Hz which compares favorably to much larger systems.

Block Diagram (Download)


Use of high-quality drivers

Composite sandwich woofer cone eliminates colorations


Low-distortion bass reproduction from long excursion woofer


Flux-compensation reduces distortion in the midrange


Low-distortion high-output reproduction from 1" titanium fabric dome tweeter

Unconventional enclosure

Compact homogenous enclosure made from LRIM (Low Resonance Integral Molding) minimizes resonant colorations


Low-compression bass reproduction from generously proportioned bass reflex ports


Acoustic centers of the loudspeaker lie on the same plane


Non-parallel cabinet shape reduces internal standing waves


Homogenous front baffle reduces acoustical diffraction


Magnetically shielded and modern cabinet design


Numerous placement options and mounting accessories


Removable woofer grille


Various color options available


Active 24 dB/oct. slope crossover


Power and overload display integrated into logo


Controls adapt the monitor’s response to compensate for the room location


Excellent immunity from EMI interference


Integrated D/A converter with 24-bit resolution and 32-96 kHz sampling rate

Delivery Includes
 1x O 110 D
 1x Power cord
 1x Operation manual
 Klein+Hummel O 110 D Front View


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