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O 800 ARAM - Active Room Absorption Module
Discontinued, Production from 2004 until 2006
General Description

Compensation of standing waves with actives absorbtion modules
Active Room Absorption Module (ARAM).The reproduction of low frequencies in a normal listening room is normally associated with extreme peaks and resonances at different frequencies. Standing waves are often caused by parallel walls, floors and ceilings. Corrections can be made either by adapting the layout of the room or using porous or resonance absorbers to address the room’s acoustics. The drawback is that this may require much work and only be able to solve part of the problem. With the Active Room Absorption Module (ARAM) Klein + Hummel has developed a system with which the low-range acoustic problems associated with subwoofers can be almost completely removed, even in square rooms. And the more problematic the room is, the more effectively we can help.

 Dramatic improvement in the bass level especially in rectangular rooms
 Linear bass reproduction in problematic spaces
 No resonance through room’s conditions
 Extremely precise, impulse-true bass
 Simple to use
 Mechanical and acoustic properties identical to O 800
Delivery Includes
 1x O 800 ARAM
 1x Power cord
 1x Operation manual
 K+H O 800 ARAM Front View

     K+H O 800 ARAM Front View (Version: white), Rear View

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