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P 104 N - Passive Studio Monitor
Discontinued, Production from 1999 until 2000
Follow-up model is P 110
General Description

Cost-effective alternative
The P 104 is a compact two-way near-field studio monitor in a passive version. Because of its small size, it readily lends itself to applications where space is at a premium but a precise monitoring instrument is required. It can also serve as a cost-effective solution for rear channels in surround-sound applications.

Sound quality second to none

The design of the P 104 is derived from the O 100, and it offers the same wonderfully flat frequency response and natural sound as its active counterpart. In spite of its small volume, the P 104 produces astonishingly accurate bass (85 Hz – 20 kHz ± 2 dB).
The cabinet itself is moulded from the dense material LRIM into a form that incorporates a precisely calculated waveguide and a picture-perfect dispersion pattern. Due to the high-quality components and the special way the cabinet interior is laid out, standing waves are prevented from forming and resonant colorations are practically eliminated. The result is a listening experience marked by extremely low distortion, absolutely natural sound, and precise stereo imaging.
Another beneficial feature is the 4-position room-matching switch, which allows the speakers to be placed closer or farther away from room boundaries as it compensates for audible aberrations in the room’s acoustics at those locations.

 Klein+Hummel P 104 Front View

     Klein+Hummel P 104 Front View (Version: silver and white), Rear View

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