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Pro M 1012 - Monitor Management System
General Description

Pro M 1012 is a completely configurable surround multi-channel pre-amp system providing the highest quality analog sound technology. Developed for maximum requirements in all surround and other loudspeaker configurations, it features a powerful routing matrix and a multi-purpose bass-management system, allowing any combination of configurations with 10 inputs and 12 outputs.
The new Pro M 1012 is a fully configurable control monitor with incredible audio performance, which can be adapted for use in all imaginable loudspeaker configurations.

 Completely configurable surround multi-channel pre-amp analog management system
Powerful routing matrix and bass-management system
 Any combination of configuration can be made with the 10 inputs and 12 outputs to suit almost
 Any surround system and other loudspeaker configurations
 Bass management with 24 dB crossover and phase adjustment for each channel
 Comfortable Mute/Solo control feature allowing “Solo in Center” and “Solo in Place”


Surround control and bass management
 All setups and configurations are possible between the loudspeakers, subwoofers, surround and ancillary speakers:
 Up to 7.1 with additional near-field systems, switchable between different surround setups
(e.g. cinema or music)
 Rerouting of bass signals, e.g. small rear monitor, smaller center speaker, etc. to subwoofers or front L/R loudspeakers
 Individual HP/LP frequencies for subwoofer/satellite use, individually controllable for each channel
 Fully variable bass routing is configurable for each channel:
 Bass routing to up to four different subwoofers
 Bass redirection to any other channel, e.g. low frequency part from rear to front
 Fully variable LFE routing, e.g. to subwoofer or LFE redirection to satellite
 4-step phase adjustment from 0° to 180° for accurate alignment of subwoofer to the main loudspeakers 
 Downmixes are freely configurable, e.g. 7.1 to 5.1, 5.1 to LCRS, 7.1 to mono, etc.
 Total configurability of all functions allows wide variety of applications

Mute/Solo control 
 Muting of individual channels as well as “All Mute”
 Solo- and Solo-in-Center function

Volume control
 Volume control for all 12 outputs
 Latest MDAC technology instead of performance-inhibiting VCAs
 User definable LFE channel gain
 All monitor output levels adjustable in 0.5 dB steps

Upgradeable with extension modules
 HP and LP module with 24 dB/oct crossover and switchable corner frequencies

Windows GUI for Pro M 1012 (Download)

Delivery Includes
 1x Pro M 1012
 1x Power cord
 1x Operation manual
 Pro M 1012 Front and Rear View

     Pro M 1012 Remote Control WRC 1012 and RC 1012

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