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M 52 - Active Control Monitor
General Description

Versatility for a broad range of applications
The M 52 is the reference monitor of choice for many small studios and broadcast vans around the world for several reasons. Where space is at a premium, the M 52 offers the distinct advantage of being extremely compact, taking up a volume of only 1.8 liters (173 x 120 x 116 mm / 6 6/8" x 4 3/4" x 4 5/8"). Yet it offers a flat frequency response, making it ideal as either a control monitor in live broadcast or as a mix monitor in the smaller recording studio. The fact that this monitor can be powered by a 12 - 20 V external supply, such as a car battery, opens up new application possibilities in small broadcast vans or video editing stations. As a multimedia monitor, the versatile
M 52 is ideal for both permanent and mobile applications. The speaker chassis is magnetically shielded so that placement next to video monitors or magnetic media will pose no problem.

Remarkable sound

The enclosure, which is constructed entirely of aluminium, offers the maximum interior volume for its size, and inner wall bracing adds a stiffness that eliminates resonant colorations. These factors help the 75 mm (3") high-performance neodymium broadband driver deliver outstanding sound for an enclosure of this size, with very low distortion and a frequency response that is flat across the entire pass band.

Practical features, professional connections
The volume knob is located on the front of the monitor for quick and easy adjustment. If needed, the knob can be removed to prevent unauthorized operation. The XLR floating transformer-balanced input (+6 dBu) offers a Common Mode Rejection ratio of over 50 dB.

The M 52 is so lightweight that it can be mounted on a microphone stand using the cabinet base
3/8" threaded socket. The monitor can be connected to the LH 11 table stand using adjustable side-mounted screws that allow the M 52 to be tilted at any angle for optimal monitoring. The power switch, mains connector, fuse holder, and the 4-pole XLR input for battery operation (12 - 20 volts) are all located on the rear panel.

 Control monitor for direction purposes
 "TV speaker" reference monitor
 Reference monitor for broadcast vans
 Long excursion driver giving low-distortion bass reproduction
 Clear high-frequency reproduction despite compact size
 Convenient volume control on front panel
 Transformer-balanced input on an XLR connector
 DC-connector for use with 12 - 20 V external supplies

Block Diagram (Download)

 M 52 Front View

     M 52 Rear View, MA 19 Front and Rear View

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