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KH 805 - Active Studio Subwoofer
General Description

Based on the excellent acoustical performance of the KH 810, the KH 805 is the optimal choice to be used in stereo applications, for example in combination with the KH 120 or
KH 310.

The KH 805 has a unique 2.1/0.1 Bass manager which enables it to be used in many different applications. There are four routing modes to ensure maximum flexibility.  Fourth order crossovers and adaptable acoustical controls allow for seamless system integration, and the bass management function can be remotely controlled.

The KH 805 subwoofer is designed to complement our extensive range of monitors, and can be used in music, broadcast, and post production studios for tracking, mixing, and mastering.
•   Bass extension for loudspeakers down to 18 Hz
•   Increasing the maximum SPL of loudspeakers by up to 8 dB
•   Decreasing harmonic and intermodulation distortion of loudspeakers
•   Reproducing the LFE channel
•   Reproducing the “Sub” signal of a bass managed multichannel source
•   Making a Plane Wave Bass Array™ system
•   Working as an extension for KH 810, KH 870 and KH 805 subwoofer systems


Flexible electronics
 2.0/ 0.1 Bass Management for stereo and externally bass managed applications
 Bypassable 4th order 80 Hz active crossover for maximum compatibility with consumer reproduction
 Four routing modes on right input connector:
 Right channel bass management
 LFE to subwoofer only up to 120 Hz
 Wide for multichannel systems where the bass management is in the source
 Daisy chain for subwoofer arrays
 Acoustical controls adapt the subwoofer’s response to the environment
 Output level
 Low cut
 Parametric equalizer
 45° step phase control
 Larger systems and Plane Wave Bass Arrays™ maybe constructed using the Daisy Chain output
 Remoteable electronics (REK 3) for installation convenience, less cabling, and convenience of use  
 Integrated electronic limiter for amplifier and driver protection
 Low heat dissipation amplifier

Robust driver and cabinet
 Low frequency extension for main loudspeakers down to 18 Hz
 Low distortion magnetically shielded long-throw driver
 Reduced bass compression at high SPL from generously proportioned bass reflex ports
 Allows main loudspeakers to play louder and with lower distortion
 Wooden cabinet with a tough painted finish (anthracite) and high density rubber isolating feet
 Excellent self-damping properties leading to minimal cabinet resonances
 Cabinet look conforms to the family design

 Remote electronics Kit (REK 3)
 Flight case (FO 810

Block Diagram (Download)

 KH 805 Front View


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