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OY - Haut-parleur studio régie
Produit arrêté, Fabriqué de 1967 à 1987
Description générale

The Klein+Hummel Monitor Speaker Model OY is a wall-mounted Loudspeaker with two built-in 30  Watt SiLicon-Transistor-Amplifiers which permits  highest-quality monitoring without  the  need for separate power amplifiers. As a result of its small size, it can be mounted in a  most favorable position in control rooms, mix-down areas, editing rooms, disk-cutting Laboratories, etc.

The ModeL OY Loudspeaker may be conveniently mounted next to the picture monitor in TV control rooms  so that  the sound seems to come from the direction of the picture, and all this without the bother of separate power amplifiers.

Recent  advances in Loudspeaker enclosure design has made it possibLe to achieve Low-frequency reproduction even with cabinets of such small size. The Klein+Hummel Model OY Monitor Speaker at last makes possible quality monitoring for location recording and broadcasting as well as for TV remote vans where space is at a premium. All that the model OY requires at  its input is a line level low impedance buss. The  stringent requirements with respect to frequency response and distortion which studio monitors pose are completely fulfilled by the Model OY.

 Klein+Hummel OY Face avant


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